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Crown has just released its 2019 paint palette, so if you want to get ahead of the colour curve, read on...

The new Crown colours are here. Crown has identified its latest colour influences through three key trend themes. These current trends have influenced the introduction of eight new paint shades and a reinvigorated palette for the new season ahead.

The idea is to encourage confidence with colour choices, so see how to mix the new shades with existing hues for an easy and revitalising refresh.


Just as the ocean can be strong and steadfast, or light and peaceful, Immersed creates an atmosphere of self-awareness.

It takes inspiration from one of the basic elements of life: water. This trend represents time away from the crowd to disconnect and realign. It is a reminder for us all to simply take better care.

The aqua spectrum drifts from a midnight blue to a light fog, carrying with it a depth of tranquility that helps us to imagine home as the getaway.

Featured colours:

Chalky White, Duck Egg, Teal, Midnight Navy




In the same way that concrete pavements meet the bright lights of the urban nightlife, Movement is the embodiment of diversity.

Global travel and street culture inspire the dynamic flow of graphic shapes, representing a clear direction on a meandering journey.

The use of burnished grey creates a striking backdrop for the bold stamps of colour that make this a fun, captivating trend.

Featured colours:

Scrumptious, Grey & Soft Grey Suede Textured Emulsion


In a world with finite resources, Redefined is forward-looking. Contrary to common opinion, it celebrates mass production and its ability to recreate the new from the old.

Consider terrazzo. A composite material consisting of cement and marble-chip, it is elevated from the industrial to the sophisticated through human means. Redefined is similarly a celebration of using our earth's resources to restore balance.

The palette is a contemporary clash of chalky pinks and cement greys. Used in blocks or grids this trend will provide impact.

Featured colours:

Clay White, Soft Ash, Aftershow, Pashmina

With the exception of the Suede Textured emulsion, which can be pre-ordered, all of the colours featured on this page are available to be mixed from stock, in-house here in a wide range of products: Emulsion (matt, mid-sheen, silk), Satin and Gloss, Eggshell etc.