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Other Abrasive Products

We have a wide range of other abrasive products such as  rectangular 1/3 sheet pads, abrasive pads, wire brushes (hand and machine use), flap discs and fibre backed pads. Contact us for more details.


We stock a wide range of hand and machine abrasives to help you prepare your decorating and renovation project. Here are a selection of the most popular...

Silverline 10 pack hook & loop detail sanding pads in 90mm & 140mm triangle sizes.

​Aluminium Oxide resin bonded to E weight paper.

For detail sanding with detail sanders, oscillating tools and palm sanders.

Available grit grades: 60, 80, 120 & 240

90mm 2,32€ per pack of 10

​140mm 3,49€ per pack of 10

ProDec Yellow Aluminium Oxide rolls.

Heavy duty E weight resisting backing paper, resin bonded. 115mm x 5m

Available grit grades:

80 (medium) & 120 (fine)

​5,75€ per roll

Silverline Aluminium Oxide rolls. Resin bonded, flexible backing paper 115mm x 10m.

Available grit grades: 40, 60, 80, 120, 180, 240

(very coarse to very fine)

​6,48€ per roll

Silverline 10 pack hook & loop, punched, sanding discs in 125mm and 150mm sizes.

Aluminiul Oxide resin bonded to E weight paper.

Use with random orbit sanders.

Available grit sizes 60, 80 & 120

125mm 4,12€ per pack of 10

​150mm 5,63€ per pack of 10

Silverline 5 pack sanding belts.

Aluminium Oxide resin bonded to heavy GX51 backing cloth. To fit most popular sizes of belt sanders.

Available grit sizes 40, 60, 80, 120

75 x 457mm 4,81€ per pack of 5

75 x 533mm 5,71€ per pack of 5

100 x 610mm 7,52€ per pack of 5

ProDec ProFlex - our highest quality abrasive rolls

Highly flexible aluminium oxide abrasive which is resin-over-resin bonded to a cotton cloth backing. You can't get any more flexible than this cloth-backed abrasive for hand sanding. It's extremely resistant to clogging, readily torn into strips for easy abrasion of round or curved surfaces and moulds well to whatever surface you are abrading - skirting, door mouldings, spindles and other trim on wood, metal, stone, plaster and painted surfaces. It has a long life as well, due to its excellent resistance to clogging and strong, flexible cotton cloth backing. 115mm x 5m

Available in 80g (medium) & 120g (fine)

9,35€ per roll