Just as importantly as the preparation, the application of our high quality paints will be greatly enhanced by using a quality application tool from our large range of brushes, rollers and pads. Our range includes products from ProDec, Stanley, Crown and Silverline amongst others. Choose from:

  • Brushes - synthetic or pure bristle as well as specific application brushes such as cutting-in and masonry
  • Rollers - in 100mm (4"), 230mm (9"), 300mm (12") and even 380mm (15"), along with trays and scuttles
  • Roller sleeves for solvent or water-based paints, for all surfaces from smooth metal to heavily textured masonry or render
  • Paint pad sets
  • Boxed sets of brushes and roller sets


It's been said many times, and remains to be true, proper preparation is fundamental to a successful decorating project. We stock a wide range of preparatory items to ensure a sound base...

  • Abrasives - rolls, pads and tools for hand sanding, and belts and sheets for machines
  • Fillers - caulk, ready mixed filler, powder filler and substrate-specific fillers (masonry, wood etc)
  • Cleaning - Sugar Soap (in liquid and ready wipes), methylated spirit, white spirit
  • Scrapers & filler knives
  • Chemical products - Stabilising Solution, PVA, Stain Block and other sealers
  • Dust sheets, dust rolls, masking tape


We stock a large range of tools, abrasives, fillers and sundries to help you prepare and complete your decorating projects successfully...

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